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When To Pull The Plug On A Social Account

Posted on Oct 26, 2016 by Rachel McLean

Have you ever heard the phrase, “different strokes for different folks”?


To me, it means that different things work for different people. Small Business owners tend to be the ones managing their social accounts, which means, most of the time, we’re the ones figuring out which social accounts to use, how often to post, what to post and asking ourselves “How the F*** do I know if what i’m doing is even working?”


This week, a client asked me straight up, “Rach, should I be on Instagram?” What he meant was, is there any point to his business having a presence on Insta. Will this benefit him in any way. He went on to say he’s not necessarily looking for more business right now, but doesn’t know what the right decision is when it comes to this.


If you’re active on social media, you’ll know firsthand that some posts you do bomb. No likes, no comments, no shares. And that sucks. Have that happen frequently enough and it can have you questioning your existence online.




Two things guide me in this situation:


– Asking myself, does my ideal customer use this social platform? If they do, you should use it. Or at least give it a crack. It will be easier if you also use this platform personally, as you don’t have to go and learn something new and foreign.
– Does this platform suit my brand, my products/services, my team, and me/my personality? Is this something that is a natural fit for your brand, your business and you? Or are you forcing it?


Because people can sense when you’re forcing something. There’s a great word for it – disingenuine (how awesome is that word, btw!)


And when you force something, you lose credibility – both personally and professionally.


For this particular client, the answers to the above questions conflicted with each other. YES, his ideal customer does use this platform. He also has access to some great content. However, this platform does not come naturally to him. It’s not something that he could easily fit into his business life. It would be hard work. Forced. And that could potentially have negative results for his business.


If you’ve got one social account that has no traction, no engagement or just isn’t working smoothly for you personally, stop what you’re doing (literally, stop posting), and take a look at what’s going on. Do a health-check, so to speak. Look at:


– What results am I aiming for that I’m not getting?
– Are these the results I should be aiming for, or should I be setting different goals?
– Am I posting too often or too frequently?
– Am I posting relevant information?
– Am I giving prospects a clear call to action/ methods to contact me/ explaining my purpose clearly
– What problem does my business exist to solve, and does my social media strategy add value to the solution I offer?


If something’s not working, one of the above questions may highlight the issue. It might not be a social media-specific issue – it might be a business process, a cultural or a branding issue. Don’t be afraid to look deeper.


When choosing your social accounts, think about where your customers are, where your competitors are, but also if this is going to be easy for you. There will be people out there who disagree with my perspective, saying things like, “hard work is required sometimes, yada yada” – and yes, I work hard and believe in hard work – but as a small business owner I also believe in working SMART. And working smart in this instance means staying authentic, doing what comes naturally and sharing content you find true to your brand with others.

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