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Get the team on board! A social media workshop tailored to suit your business is the perfect way to motivate staff and identify quick wins that you can implement and see results straight away.

Workshops can run for 2-4 hours or for a full day. For workshops 2-4 hours in length, the fee is $220 per person for a minimum of six people and a maximum of 15 people. For full day workshops (6 hours plus 1 hour lunch break), the fee is $3,500.

“Rachel was able to develop our corporate LinkedIn presence with our Executive Team quickly and professionally. Undertaking a large recruitment drive for 60 new professional staff, Rachel worked skillfully with each of our General Managers to evolve their LinkedIn profiles as key part of our overall candidate attraction strategies. I know each of our Executives found the sessions highly valuable and these sessions contributed to our overall social media strategies and achieving our goals.”
– Luke Traini, CEO, RSL QLD

For quotes for different time frames or attendee numbers, please email [email protected]

  • Testimonials

    We feel that since having a presence on social media we can interact and communicate with our clients on a level that we could not before and this definitely equals client loyalty whilst growing our client base at the same time.
    Lauren DinneenPractice ManagerBrisbane Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
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