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On Being A Social Media Presenter

Posted on Mar 25, 2017 by Rachel McLean

I’ve had the most incredible week.

I’ve been onsite at a client’s head office, presenting social media workshops to their franchisees ahead of their national conference. Ten presentations over four days.

The big standout for me is how much business owners are crying out for social media support – not because of a lack thereof, but more from a reassurance and confirmation angle – “Yes, you’re doing the right thing and here are more ideas for you to try”, from an industry professional.

When I started my business five years ago, a good half of my sales pitch was educating prospect clients on the fact that I can help them with their social media – that this is actually something you can pay someone to do for you. Fast forward to 2017, and now it’s almost universally acknowledged. But the fact remains – small business owners, franchisees and even teams within organisations are in need of social media guidance but don’t know where to look to find it. This isn’t out of laziness – this is out of 1. Having a business to work in and on as #1 priority and 2. Not knowing where to start looking.

The feedback I’ve received so far (I’ve presented to over 50 business owners this week across ten different presentations), has been “Thank god. We’ve been waiting to find you, now we can ask the questions we’ve held onto for not knowing who to ask”. There’s a palpable sigh of relief when I introduce myself. Lots of eager nodding. And, because I’ve been presenting to travel agents, a lot of laughter. These people are energetic, motivated and extremely passionate about travel – which is why social media is so perfectly suited to them as a marketing tool.

We covered some technical do’s and dont’s and social media best practice, but here are the Key Points I honed in on:

Start small and build. The #1 reason small businesses fail at social media is they set unrealistic goals that are unsustainable. Start doing what you know you can maintain, even if it’s one post a week.
Talk and share what you’re passionate about. If you love Italy and have been eight times and love winery tours through the Italian countryside – this is your jam! This is your niche. Energy is contagious – talk about your passion with energy and you’ll attract others with the same passion (i.e. your Target Market).
Stop saying “Yes” to all referrals! You’re using up time and energy on small deals. Focus on your passion, on the trips you love to book and promote that this is what you’re doing – the Universe will bring you more of what you ask for.

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