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Is Facebook Even Worth It Anymore?

Posted on Sep 26, 2016 by Rachel McLean

Facebook has changed. It’s just not the same as it used to be – gone are the days of people actually seeing posts, let alone engaging with them! We’re entering the era of “pay to play” – if you want your content to be seen, you’ve got to dish out the dosh.

One of the questions I get asked most is “Is Facebook worth it anymore?”

And the answer isn’t a simple one. It comes down to a few, hard truths:

  1. Social Media isn’t a silver bullet. Facebook isn’t going to solve all your cash-flow problems overnight. If your primary objective is to use Facebook as a money-making tool all on it’s own, I’m sorry to say but it’s not going to work out for you. A successful social media strategy is a small part of your marketing strategy – and at the core of that is understanding your customers, their needs, wants, how they communicate, and what sort of relationship they want to have with you.
  2. It depends where your customers are. If your target market fits into the B2B category (Business to Business), then perhaps a strong LinkedIn presence for both your brand and your staff is required. If your target market are millennials, then maybe snapchat or instagram is the way to go. But don’t just guess. The surest way to know is to straight out ask them! Send out a survey to your clients asking them what social media they use in their downtime (odds are, the majority of them have a Facebook account – meeting someone without one is like finding a unicorn).
  3. The advertising capabilities on Facebook are second to none. You can be so, so SO specific. If you’re target market is new mums, you can target women with children under the age of two. You can also target newlyweds, women who are pregnant, new grandparents. If you’re wanting to target a business owner, you can target people who are Facebook Page Administrators. You can also target people by behaviour e.g. people who are most likely to purchase online (this is based off previous online behavior).
  4. It’s become an expectation that every business has a Facebook page. It’s true. People will go looking for your business on Facebook. And if they can’t find your page, you could be missing out on potential business. You also run the risk of “unofficial” or fake pages being created – and conversations happening about your business without your knowledge or control.

I could keep going. But I think the above four are the strongest reasons why we still need to invest time, creative thought and a portion of advertising budget towards Facebook.

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    Is Facebook Even Worth It Anymore?