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How To Make Money With Facebook

Posted on Nov 22, 2016 by Rachel McLean

“How do I make money from Facebook?”


It’s the one question everyone wants answered.


And honestly, there are SO many ways you can do this. Facebook Advertising, and Lead Generation Ads in particular, are so perfect for this. (If you’re not familiar with lead-gen ads, Click Here).


I was having a conversation with a client yesterday about getting leads from Facebook ads. She asked me how likely it was for businesses to convert the leads they get.


My answer was this:


It depends entirely on the confidence and salesmanship of the business owner or sales team.


You can set up Facebook lead gen ads that bring in 100 new leads, but if people skills aren’t your strength, if you don’t have a clear lead management process for you or your sales team to follow, if you’re afraid to ask for a sale, overcome an objection or if you’re unprepared to nurture a lead, then your business won’t grow.


This isn’t Facebook-specific, either. This holds true for all your marketing, networking and promotional activity.


So here are some ideas for your consideration:


Be prepared for a lead to not be ready to purchase from you. They may just want more information. They might want to purchase from you in 3 months, 6 months or in a year. They might want to “follow” you on social media for a while, to get build a stronger picture in their minds about who you are and that you’re damn good at what you do.


Find out what they’re after. The lead may have “found” you while you were promoting a product/service in your sales funnel (not sure what a sales funnel is? See my groovy drawing), but this product/service might not be the best fit. Find a way either by phone call, email, SMS, social media or your website to promote your other products/services and their various prices – your lead might not be prepared to pay for your $3000 signature package, but still be willing to buy your $150 package right now (if they knew about it!)


“No” doesn’t mean no, it means “not right now”. Some people just want to follow your business. They have absolutely no intention of purchasing anything from you right now. And that’s ok. Set up a system for revisiting leads that said “no/not right now” within a specific time frame e.g. 1 month follow up, 3 month follow up etc.


Keep track of your leads. Document when they joined your database, how did they find you, when did you contact them, what was your contact method, what was your pitch, how did they respond, objections, upsells, downsells, when to make contact again and their preferred contact method. A good CRM system will make this process much more streamlined and easier for you, but if you’re on a budget and need to keep things simple, an excel spreadsheet will do the job.

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