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How To Combat Social Media Overwhelm

Posted on Oct 18, 2016 by Rachel McLean

I want to share a conversation that I had with a client this week. This client had been feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with the amount of time and effort they were spending each week on creating posts, scheduling them, posting different content to their Facebook Page and their VIP group, thinking of ways to reach as many prospect clients and existing clients as possible. As a result, they’d found they were spending hours and hours every week on these tasks, for no financial return. NONE.


This isn’t a one-off occurrence – I’ve seen this before. And the reason this happens is this: There is simply so much information available online, from thought leaders, in books and courses, that it’s easy to try and do it all to get a result – and by doing so, losing clarity of your strategy and your key message.


So how can we avoid this situation? I’ll share a personal story first. When I first started out in business, I didn’t know what marketing would work and what wouldn’t – and so I tried everything. I soon realised that doing everything all at once, as a sole operator, is really exhausting, stressful and hard to manage ongoing. So as soon as I tried something that didn’t get results, I stopped doing it – anything that did seem to work, I kept doing. I noticed that some things that didn’t seem to work for me, worked well for others – and while i noticed this, I didn’t feel pressure to force it to work for me too – I just continued to do what came naturally to me. An example of this is my social media bootcamps – a few years back I organised my own social media bootcamps for local small business owners. The easy part was the presenting! The part that I found challenging was the event management side – I hated trying to sell tickets to fill the room (anybody who works in events knows this is tough on it’s own!). So I stopped doing them.


Another common issue is attempting every course or implementing every strategy you’ve come across/paid for/signed up for at once. Yes, all these courses or strategies could work, but they weren’t designed to work together. Stick to one strategy. If you’re confused by all the different products/services/price points/sales funnels you’ve got going on, chances are your prospects are confused too – and confusion can be a barrier to sales.


Lastly, less is more. This one is especially relevant given Facebook’s current algorithm – which is designed to prompt you to post less but boost your posts as opposed to the original strategy of higher post frequency to maximise engagement. If you’re struggling to keep producing content regularly, reassess your frequency. People will always tell you something different, but if you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, you don’t need to post more than once a day. Depending on your business and your target audience, you can get away with 2-3 posts per week. The rule to live by is quality over quantity. Too much comes across as spam – less content that is fun, educational and engaging is always a winner.


So, in summary:

– Do what works, stop what doesn’t. Don’t copy what other people are doing if it works for them and doesn’t for you – just stop.
– Stick to one strategy.
– Quality over quantity.


Social Media, and marketing in general, should be fun, should be helpful to your prospects and existing clients alike, but also result in bringing you in more paid business. If you’ve got a marketing output not bringing in a financial input, stop. Do what brings you business, do what brings you the clients you want to work with, and do what brings people willing to pay you for the value you bring to their lives.

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