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Are You Good At Selling?

Posted on Dec 9, 2016 by Rachel McLean

Are you any good at selling? Not selling any old thing – but selling you, or something you actually offer as a product or service? Something you’re genuinely PASSIONATE about??

Usually, it’s much easier to sell something that YOU find interesting, that you dig and that you know 100% will change the lives of others for the better. It’s an easy sale.

But sometimes, when we’re in a situation where we are faced with a prospect who isn’t sure if they need us, our product or service, selling can become much more of a challenge.

In fact, selling can become a CHORE. And nobody likes chores, AMIRIGHT?

And if, day in and day out, you’re doing chores/ selling to people who aren’t sure they need you in the first place, then you, my friend, are very quickly going to fall out of love with your business.

I’m a member of a business Facebook group, and a small business owner posted in there earlier this week asking for recommendations for a social media consultant. He said he’d worked with some in the past, but never anybody who could “guarantee” results, and that this time round, he wanted to work with someone who could guarantee the results he was after.

And I responded.

My response was this:

“I guess it depends on what kind of guarantee you’re looking for. As a social media strategist, I can post, engage your social media following, build ad campaigns and generate targeted warm leads for you – but at the end of the day it’s your sales pitch, sales systems and people that will get the lead converted.

Any social media marketer can build a following or bring you more leads – but converting leads is up to you. Most social media marketers won’t assist with the sales systems/ sales team coaching and lead nurturing / after sales etc – this is something you should be prepared to already have in place so that when your social media marketer generates you leads, you’re ready to convert!”

So I’m calling you on it too. If you had 100 new leads come through to your inbox, would you know what to do? Do you have a sales system to follow or for your team to follow? Would you know how to handle objections on price, or even someone who says no? Do you have a CRM to document all lead communications?

Often we avoid setting up these systems and processes because we’re afraid of the sale or afraid to fail at selling. Failure at selling when you’re a startup or a small business in a growth phase can be the worst feeling (especially if you really, really need sales).

I’m reaching out to you in this email just to implore you to think about your lead management system, your customer services procedures, to revisit your sales strategies and procedures, and to take ownership of when an acquired lead doesn’t convert.

Identify what needs to change, make the change now and grow your business with intention.

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