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Are Facebook Likes Irrelevant?

Posted on Jan 24, 2017 by Rachel McLean

One thing all my clients have in common is the hunger to know what’s new in social and what they could be doing more of, doing better (or just doing in general).

One stand out question I was asked last week, was, “Should I be running a Likes Campaign?” (If you’re not familiar – a Likes Campaign is a Facebook Advertising Campaign designed to bring you more fans to your page).

And it’s SUCH a good question.

Are Facebook liked/fans irrelevant? Do we need to spend money to build up our public community numbers? Or should we be investing this budget on other ads or even elsewhere in our businesses?

The question popped up in the middle of a discussion about developing a lead generation campaign and how much budget the client would like to allocate to that campaign. She said, “By the way, should we be doing anything to grow our page? We haven’t done any likes campaigns for over a year, all growth has been organic”.

And so we discussed pros and cons.

A few years ago, Likes campaigns were all the rage – in the online world, perception IS reality – and if you have thousands and thousands of fans/likes on your page, you give off the impression that you and your business are successful in your industry and are a great choice for new customers. And so businesses big and small spent money on building their fanbases up. It was great for a while, and then Facebook changed the algorithm… meaning less of your fans you paid hard earned money for see your posts.

From a business perspective and as a business owner myself, I look to meet my growth quotas first BEFORE growth quotas. If there’s a quicker, faster and more accurate way of capturing new leads, then I want to put my money there. And right now, that’s Lead Generation Campaigns. You could have 300 fans on your page but be gaining dozens/hundreds/thousands of new leads straight to your inbox with a lead gen campaign – and it’s those leads and how you nurture them that has an impact on your business.

So, does this mean the traditional Likes Campaign is irrelevant? Not entirely. If you’re struggling to maintain organic page growth, then a $1 a day spend on new likes is a healthy investment. Keep that database growing – you never know if a competitor with more likes is about to open up in your area!

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